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Office for Tree Migration (OTM)  

Trees are `rooted`. Though long term observations have shown, that forests actually do move throughout the landscape and regions, just very, very slow and over decades. Climate change appears to happen faster than the trees can escape to more suitable areas in order to survive.
Scientists are discussing “assisted  migration” in order to help speeding up the process of tree adaption.

The Office for Tree Migration (OTM) is investigating tree and plant migration in different,climate zones and along the treelines. How they go North, how they climp uphill in the Californian white mountains or how they enter the peatlands.

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Furthermore the OTM is exploring possible, seemingly absurd or impossible methods that allow the trees to move faster and simply walk away from the changed climate.
is a longterm research project of the Institute for Art and subjective Science FFUR.

More coming soon.

Agnes Meyer-Brandis
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