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Forest Green (Sleeping and Awakening)

Forest Green
(Sleeping and Awakening)
Beautiful Data Series: According to Pasi

a multi channel video installation
by Agnes Meyer-Brandis, 2018

What colour would a forest be if it were only one colour?

The two channel video installation shows tenthousands of images taken from scientific observation cameras of a forest in Finland over the course of two years – and their average RGB colour values. The point of departure of the investigation was a conversation with the forest researcher Pasi Kolari. Being asked by the artist if there is such a thing as beautifull data, the scientist showed a statisttical curve that he loved, representing the incoming and outgoing greeness of a forest.

The left channel shows the awakening and the sleeping of the trees over a year by showing a monochrome color field. The color is precisely calculated and reveals the average colour value in RGB of the landscape of each webcam image, generated by a tailor-made software by Christian Dietz. Rapidly changing glimpses reflect the colour palette of the nature, days and nights as well as the year’ s cycle.

The right channel shows the immediate reality of a boreal forest – the very one of which the RGB data were generated from: webcam images taken from scientific observation cameras of several forest field stations in Finland over the course of two years (2014-2016) to monitor phenomenological events during one year’s period.

The sound track is echoing the blinking colour narration - composed and performed by Michael Moser.

In cooperation with
: Pasi Kolari and the SMEAR Station Hyytiälä Finland, University Helsinki and Climate Whirl.
Software: Christian Dietz
Sound: Michael Moser
Data: Pasi Kolari and Mikko Peltoniemi
With friendly support of: Stiftung Kunstfonds

Forest Green (Sleeping and Awakening)
installation example, National Gallery of Denmark (SMK), Copehagen, 2018, © Agnes Meyer-Brandis

Värriö, ground, 12.09.2016, 13:35:51
Värriö, ground, 12.09.2016, 13:35:51

Kenttärova, canopy, 23.09.2016, 05:30:00

Kenttaerova, canopy, 30.11.2016, 13:00:00

Kenttärova, canopy, 25.10.2016, 09:30:00

Punkaharju, ground, 11.11.2016, 12:01:36

Punkaharju, ground, 05.11.2016, 15:01:36 5

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