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Bohrkern Labor Elfen-Scanner 
Agnes Meyer-Brandis

One Tree ID ||| How to Become a Tree for Another Tree

Forest Green ||| multichannel video installation

Microfluidic Oracle Chip ||| Autopoesis Answering Machine

||| The Large Meteor T-R-A-P

Control Room ||| Airport Tempelhof Berlin

Public Meteor Watching ||| happening

Inside the Troposheric Laboratory ||| an exhibition

Teacup Tools ||| Measuring Campaign Hyytiälä

Making Clouds
||| On the Absence of Weight

Impact ||| Studies in cause and effect

Cloud Core Scanner ||| Experiment in weightlessness

The Moon Goose Analogue- Lunar Migration Bird Facility
||| an installation with geese and live stream

Moon Goose Colony ||| longterm experiment & film

Moon Core ||| Lunar Eggshell Space Weathering

The Moon Goose Experiment
||| a bio-poetic investigation

Earth-core-Laboratory and Elf-Scan ||| Interface

SGM-Iceberg-Probe ||| explorative Interface

Coral Reef-Detector ||| Reef-Localisation-Interface

Living Space Hill ||| Spoon-laboratory & Hill-Scanner

[Methods of subterranean reefolgy ]

Institute for Art and subjective Science ||| Airport Tempelhof Berlin

Roundtable Events III Salons

Tools ||| expeditions

The research raft ||| back -& underground information / only in german


Search Paths |||
Porto Alegre, Br.2006

earlier projects / coming soon    

||| Coral reef  "Stockumer Wiese"

|| "Conclusion :The meadow is ok"

||| "On site: Moat and boat rental"

||| "Flöhtüh, Flöhtah"

ffUR || Research Raft for Subterranean Reefology u.V.

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