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Forschungsfloss FF FLughafentower Tempelhof

Institute for Art and Subjective Science

Institut für Kunst und Subjektive Wissenschaft


Agnes Meyer–Brandis

In the Air:
Control Room Tempelhof

The "ResearchRaft - Institute for Art and Subjective Science (FF)" is anchoring at the Control Tower of the airport Tempelhof.
From October 19th to November 4th 2012 current results from its Laboratory of Applied Falling (LAF) will be presented there as well as other studies.

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Hammer+Feder FF Logo

ArtScienceFiction -
Council in the tower

November 1st 2012 at 6pm
An evening with special guests, discussions and Science Fiction Dinner.
Organised by Liudmilla Voropai, Pedro Stoichita and Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Institute für Kunst and Subjective Science.

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Hammer+Feder Fall Ca
Foto: AMB

Opening: October 18th, 2012 at 6pm
Exhibition: Oct. 19th - Nov. 4th 2012
Opening hours: FR, SA, SU, 5-8pm
Location: Airport Tower Tempelhof, Westwing, Entrance Building 7D
Tempelhofer Damm, U6 Paradestrasse
12101 Berlin

... The sculpturing of social relationships no longer requires the classical hammer and chisel but rather newer, better-suited and precisioned instruments such as in our case, the hammer and feather. With these tools, the sculptures of cognitive nature can be chiselled directly into the perception of the viewer.. ...

Quotation from "On Hammers and Feathers as the Artist’s Epistemic Weapons", a text by Lioudmila Voropai, 2011, catalogue "Of Rocks and Rockets - Agnes Meyer-Brandis", Publisher: KunstSalon Köln e.V., ISBN: 3-9807617-6-2

Tower Tempelhof SeitenblickAirport Tower Tempelhof, Berlin, 2012,
Temporary FF Laboratory, Foto: AMB

ResearchRaft FF
Temporary Laboratory - Berlin
Airport Tower Tempelhof

Originally founded by the artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis 10 years ago, the ResearchRaft is a permanently altering meta-installation in the shape of an "Institute for Art and subjective Science". It is a modular construct build of experimental formats from art, science, theater and movies. It also connects to artistic projects and research movements of all sorts. The institute understands itself as an installation to enter as well as a laboratory, workshop, science center and a poetic archive with the ability to peregrinate and sprawl.
The ResearchRaft is asking questions but gives no answers.

Departments / state 2012

Flughafentower TempelhofAirport Tower Tempelhof, Berlin, 2012,
Temporary FF Laboratory, Foto: AMB

Until now the institute was essentially nomadic and appeared in various temporary manifestations, happenings, fictive structures, mobile and parasitic shapes. To name just a few, research activities of the institute took place on a boat at the end of the world (Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, in cooperation with the CADIC science center in Ushuaia, Argentina, 2009), in Northern Norway beyond the polar circle (in cooperation with the Norwegian Polar Institute NPI), on internationl conferences, such as the International Astronautical Congress IAC (Glasgow, 2009), or on a research airplane of the German Aerospace Center DLR (parabolic flight campaign, 2007).

In fall 2012 the institute was anchoring in the control tower of the historic Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany.

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