Huegel Scanner  
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Wieviel Elfen passen in einen Löffel Hügelerde?
How many elves fit on a spoon full of hill?

Experiments to date show a concentration of creatures smaller than1mm of 4000 to 5000 per square meter per year (forest floor). If this is added to the number of smallest lifeforms previously undetected we arrive at a sum in the billions (1012). This can now be accurately researched with our "elf-hit" technology.

Pic above (1): More than 100 mites and other soil creatures fit on a matchstick. Source: Der Boden lebt. pdf, Häberli

Pic.above (2): After an examination with the "Hill-Scanner" (pic 2. with sensorhead on the fingertip ) we have to add to the matchstick drawning (pic1) a countless number of elves and other invisible creatures.

Pic.left (3): Spoon-Laboratory with sensor in use

ffUR || "Forschungsfloss für Unterirdische Riffologie