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drilling hole setting up
Drilling hole, Artspace Düsseldorf Germany, 2005

Short description:
Seated on a stool next to a borehole *1 the probe-operator holds the probe-line between his/her fingers. He/She can lower the line 50m up and down with the help of Vertigo Technology *3 to navigate a probe *4 through the borehole. Video images of the hidden depths and ice-horizons are displayed on a monitor next to the borehole as well as sound recordings, which can be heard over headphones.
By moving the probe-line up and down the probe-operator navigates in real time through the application Deep Ice *6.

* see list of terminology next side Field test 2, setting up Artspace Düsseldorf with drilling hole, monitor furniture and probe line, fig.bottom: videostills Artspace Düsseldorf

drilling hole setting up
ffUR || "Forschungsfloss für Unterirdische Riffologie