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Pause – Testserie # 1

Going on a parabola flight, I have to undergo several tests to prove that I am fit enough for the experiment.
Some of these tests are required some a volunteered. They are tests of health, skillfulness, patience and courage. The video „Testserie #1“ documents my attempts to train myself to execute complex tasks even under challenging conditions:
I am trying to conduct a thread through the hole of a needle with increasing level of difficulty. Starting in the wind channel of a Riesenrad (ferris wheel), I am conducting the experiment on a rollercoaster and end in a centrifuge like machine with a 3D 360° turning point.
The video „Pause“ was shot on occasion of a little rest between the different carrousels, lying in the grass, looking into the sky.

testserie1 rollercoaster
testserie1 aquafun