Experiment description

Aerosols and Cloud Core Research

Cloud cores, so-called aerosols, are small suspended particles in the air. They form the basis for the formation of clouds. The water in the air condensates on these particles/cores. This accumulation of water becomes a drop and many drops generate a cloud.
With the help of a probe specifically developed by me for this purpose, the cloud cores are now to be examined more precisely.

hovering laboratory sphere sketch


Research under Space Conditions – The Probe in the Hovering Drop
On the earth cloud drops and large dust agglomerates fall down very quickly due to the existing gravity.
A planetary water accumulation with cloud core/aerosol cannot be adequately simulated and observed therefore.
The hovering status of a cloud drop would make it possible to detect and explore, by means of the probe, the cloud core inside the water accumulation.
The above-mentioned examinations / experiments can be realized within the scope of a parabolic flight just at the moment of temporarily generated weightlessness / microgravity.


kk_single_01.jpg                                                          cloud_core_scan_close.jpg
Fig.left: Under the influence of weightlessness a water drop is round – a universe of its own. Here with cloud core and probe inside the drop.
Fig.right: Even in case of oversaturation, water requires aerosol particles to be able to condensate. Whereas the cloud cores are typically locatef within the submicro-range, cloud drops have a diameter of several 10um. Due to this immense magnification water drops play an important role as atmospheric chemical reactors, a.o. for many anthropogenic trace gases.

Fig.: Monitor output | example scanned “cloud core world”

ADM-Miniature Blue Box – Animation through Microgavitation in Real Time

The ADM*1 -Blue-Box*2 contains transparent animation chambers/3D slides for possible exchange. These glass frames contain material and choreographed miniature sceneries which deliberately move, open, hover and form/align themselves as a result of changing gravitation.

*1 ADM = Animation Durch Mikrogravitation (Animation Through Microgravitation)
designates the systematic opening of sceneries and situations under the influence of microgravitation in film and video demonstrations.

*2 The Blue-Box Method, also known as Chromakey Method, permits, with an electronic trick, to replace monochrome surfaces of a camera picture (preferred is the colour blue) with a different background.

ADM filmbox plus dias

Fig.: 3D material slides, sceneries in glass frames for fixing and replacing, e.g. with various liquids, various dust particles, particle sculptures,… video material for real time results and for animation of final results.