The CCS ground crew

CGN Airport:
Tamara Lorenz – artificial eye & order and arrangement held
Anja Kempe – in flight camera specialist and special problem solution finder
Dr. Hajo Popp – CCS agent and IT chief
Rüdiger Spott – camera
Falk Grieffenhagen – sound and filmbox assistant
Gesa Meyer-Brandis – catering picknick on the fly
Stefan Wunner – light engineer and key specialist
Peter Schuster – optical lens and light specialist
FFUR center:
Anja Schnitzler – filmbox assistant and dia wheel perforator
Heinz Nink – structural hardware support
Kerstin Ergenzinger – laboratory flight sphere rescue team
Thom Leapple – drop realisation advisory board
Mark Lewis – ground control London

The teamwork was wonderful – Thank you all very very much !!!!!!!!

ccs crew
before the first flight, 8 a.m., from left to right: Rüdiger Spott, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Jens Brand, Falk Grieffenhagen, Tamara Lorenz, Anja Kempe

CCS ground crew waiting for the return of Zero G, flight day one, 11.09.07
(from left to right: Anja Kempe, Jens Brand, Hajo Popp)

happy after landing
Happy after landing, thank you very much Mrs. Dr. Ulrike Friedrich for all your support!
data saving
CCS IT chief Hajo Popp with AMB copying and saving first experiment results of flight day one

spott camera
behind the camera: Rüdiger Spott

ccs ground station
Peter Schuster and Tamara Lorenz, CCS ground station at CGN airport