Cloud Core Scanner (CCS)


Independent Research in Weightlessness |
10th DLR Parabolic Flight Campaign


The Cloud Core Scanner | Introduction
The cloud core scanner is the first picture generating method/instrument for examining the smallest particles in the clouds’ interior – the cloud cores.
The project defines an interface and a real experiment under the influence of microgravitation. The experiment represents a ‘tightrope walk’ between fact and fiction, scientific strategies and artistic phantasy.
The cloud core scanner is a poetic approach to science and hidden potential worlds.
The experiment and its results are forming the basis for the CSS-WANDERKINO, a new apparatus and method of the Researchraft FFUR.


Fig.(above): Potential laboratory setup for the parabolic flight: Observation chamber (Hand-Glove-Box) with cloud particles / large hovering drops and cloud core scanner


Fig.: Cloud core world, example, video-screenshot