cc nylon
Example of a cloud core universe, recorded in Sept. 2007 in weightlessness, videostill, generated inside the ADM-Filmbox/Cloud-Core Visualisation Wheel

group picture flight day three

group picture
group picture, flight day three 13.09.2007

flight day three

Working in microgravity – wonderfull parabola day, short impression
ccs hovering agnes 2
ccs scanning2
ccs hovering agnes 1
Videostills / laboratory sphere camera
sphere cam mix2 small
Short video impression, AMB working

flight day two – cloud only

ccs test # 4 parabola


at work in weightlessness

first flight day


some impressions of the experiment and its flying laboratory sphere, inside and outside

ccs_crew ankunft

ccs crew – 10 minutes before the first flight

Cloud Core Imagery

First results – videostills from the cloud core visualisation wheel
ccs videostills1
Videostills, Experiment No. 12 and Experiment No. 48

Videostills, Experiment No. 27
Moated castle swimming on water in 2G (double gravity) and moated castle swimming on air in 0G (zero gravity)

The cloud core visualistaion wheel
Cloud Core Rack – closed and open, with visible adm-filmbox, cloud core visualisation wheel

Last Safety Check

safety_check_img_6517.jpg<safety_check_img_6512.jpg inside-img_6552.jpg
team_img_6539.jpg team_img_6544.jpg camera_tests_img_6550.jpg

camera tests – flight sphere


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