workplace airplane

last preparations

waiting ccs beforwe loading ccs leds
loading the CCS experiment , waiting for the cargo lifter loading the CCS experiment workspace at the airport CGN ccs ready for loading ccs waiting for cargo lifter ccs on its way to the airplane ccs on cargo lifter ccs on cargo lifter high ccs inside zero G 1 ccs inside zero G ccs inside zero G 3 ccs inside zero G 5

Laboratory flight sphere

the CCS flight sphere / laboratory chamber is becoming real


ccs sphere4

funnel screen – CCS tool


3d tool sketches / funnel screen development




the countdown is running

less than a month until the parabolic flight

introducing the filmbox

further information at „technical details“

flight rack construction

flight rack construction
building the flight rack at the item workplace near Ulm, G

Pause – Testserie # 1

Going on a parabola flight, I have to undergo several tests to prove that I am fit enough for the experiment.
Some of these tests are required some a volunteered. They are tests of health, skillfulness, patience and courage. The video „Testserie #1“ documents my attempts to train myself to execute complex tasks even under challenging conditions:
I am trying to conduct a thread through the hole of a needle with increasing level of difficulty. Starting in the wind channel of a Riesenrad (ferris wheel), I am conducting the experiment on a rollercoaster and end in a centrifuge like machine with a 3D 360° turning point.
The video „Pause“ was shot on occasion of a little rest between the different carrousels, lying in the grass, looking into the sky.

testserie1 rollercoaster
testserie1 aquafun

a long way


CGN Airport Work

starting: 3th. September until 14th of September 2007

flight days: 11th – 14th September

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